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Jurassica Explains it All is a creative & lifestyle blog by Jessica "Jurassica" Biddle. Designed as a safe place to share creative content, ideas, knowledge, inspiration and tales from my Jurassic adventures, in many mediums, from original makeup & FX design to creative writing,  illustration, photography, videography and music.

Follow me as I update my professional makeup kit; researching, testing and reviewing new cruelty free makeup brands and products, to help save you time and money without compromising on quality! 

Subjects you can expect to hear me rawr'ing over include makeup & special FX, music, design, art, literature and life! 


My name is Jessica and I am a British, human female!  I have a BA in English with Creative & Professional Writing as well as being a graduate of Joe Blasco's School of Professional Makeup & FX in Los Angeles, where I lived for some time during my 20s. I have a background in dance and professional writing. I also perform blues and rock 'n' roll covers with UK based twopiece Electric Pollen.

My interests are about as varied as my history of hair colours! For example; I could make a playlist of favourite songs that included Beethoven, Rob Zombie, Dolly Parton, Dr Dre, Hanson, Zeppelin and Die Antwoord. Or I could list some of my favourite movies, from the goriest to the most romantic...Or I could be rockin' a 1950s inspired glamour makeup with an outfit that is about as Benetar as it comes, as in the above photo!

So with that in mind...here are my top 5 Jurassica Facts. I guess you'll just have to come back later if you want to find out more! 

1. I love music. Listening to it, dancing to it, being inspired by it, singing it, playing it, writing it, learning about it, learning from it, crying to it, laughing to it, loving to it, raging to it, healing from it...Music is pretty much it really, isn't it?

2. Creating stuff is my bag baby. I don't even really mind what I'm creating, or what supplies are available! I like to learn as I go, experiment and ignore the voice in my head telling me "perfection is paramount"! I get my creative satisfaction from letting my imagination run free and creating something original, rather than copying others, so expect lots of fresh content!

3. Laughing is my favourite. Make me laugh and I will love you, guaranteed. I really do love comedy. I love comedy as much as I love music...as much as I love Horror, Sci-Fi, Crime, Action, Thriller, Adventure, Fantasy, Romance and... erm...nevermind. But I do like laughing a whole bunch! 

4. I like to keep rollin'. That could mean many things, but for me it means that I'm really into Roller Blading. Try it! It's way more fun than squats! 

5. I love science and nature. I adore animals, the natural world and everything in it...from plants and geology to insects and astronomy... it all just fascinates me!  I don't understand scientists who don't believe in magic, when they witness it everyday in nature! *CONFESSION: I actually wrote a beat poem about this. It's pretty funny..Maybe I'll share it in the future, along with my Redwoods Rap.

Thank you for visiting! Follow me for lots of exciting and inspiring fresh, creative content on it's way! I can not wait!!

Love, love!

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